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"If surrealism is imbued with the aesthetic of dreams and situationism with drunkenness, direct democracy is undoubtedly the prerogative of writing." - Lady.k

Lady.k stood out and established itself in the very masculine world of writing from the beginning of the 2000s by its style and by its approach which combines risk-taking and modification of reality, inscribing its practice in the line of interventionists. And her actions filmed in public never go unnoticed: dressed as Zara, she intervenes in broad daylight in the urban environment with flowing ink markers and very high pressure spray paint that she takes out of her Louis-Vuitton bag. In her unique posture, she breaks the silent order of public space. The ready-made, body art and lettering are references that she regularly invokes in her work.

Lady.k has been experimenting with different mediums and supports since her childhood, when she sketches spooky characters with endless legs on whole reams of paper, or graffiti the library of her classroom to transform it into a jungle. Very early on, she collected books and modern art images. Then at college, she put aside her schooling to devote herself to painting, sometimes sporting a shaved head, hair with supernatural colors, then tattooed, attending trendy parties dressed as extravagantly as the most beautiful creatures of Parisian nights. After having completed more than 99.5% of the lessons from the fifth to the final year, she was naturally accepted at the Beaux-Arts in Paris - where she particularly liked theoretical courses but preferred to desert the world, closed workshops to go paint. outside - then at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

His work around the letter revisits the historical styles of graffiti - in particular the massive lettering of the "block letter", or on the contrary those of the "wild style" tangled to the point of illegibility - by mixing them with English calligraphy from his earliest days. urban experiments in the mid-1990s. When she intensified her writing practice in 1997, Lady. K is probably the first girl to go out tagging whole nights. His style stands out from other writers inspired by New York letters. By drawing on the body of signs specific to writing, Lady.k offers permeability between abstraction and figuration. Versatile artist, his great activity is carried as much in the street as in the grounds, in the depots of trains as on notebooks or paintings and is also interested in the relations between science and art. An experience of painting on different media that leads him to constantly rethink his relationship to the city and to art.

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