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The first book of ARDIF.
216 pp. French English. 179 photographs.

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Edited by the YAM.
The Mechanimals appear in the streets of Paris starting from September 2016. they constitute an imaginary bestiary in the form of paste-ups and mural frescoes inspired by the Industrial Revolution era of the 19th century and the Steampunk style. If the influence of Ardif ’s education as an architect is obvious in his illustrations, the poetry of his visuals is striking with their clever mix of cold mechanics applied to the warm animality of the selected species which build his urban zoo. These hybrid creations symbolize the balance to be found between mankind’s technological evolutions and its natural heritage, which it must preserve more than ever, at a time of global warming and with the ecological challenges shaking our planet.
(Texte par Chrixcel)
Technical informations
French & English book. ( all the texts are in english and french )
179 photographs.
Texts of Chrixcel. Preface by Codex Urbanus,
216 pages. Color.
22x22cm closed format - 22x44cm open
Hard cover
Published in September 2019.

During his architectural studies, he is interested in the aesthetics of the building and the machine at different scales. Today, his work explores the possible hybridizations between architecture / machine and nature. His series of "mechanimals" is the illustration of this graphic universe and is visible on the walls of the capital. The natural symmetry of the animal allows a composition that plays on the contrast of materials, scales and textures. This urban fauna comes to question us about the impact of the artificialisation of nature or, conversely, about the wild and primitive instinct we need to find in our urban life.