Camille Hilaire - Reclining nude


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Limited edition. 29x46cm

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/// Camille HILAIRE ///

"Nude in the mirror"
Original lithograph.
Numbered out of 200.
Dimensions excluding margins: 29x46cm
Certificate of authenticity from Camille Hilaire.
Vision Nouvelle editions
Date : 1990
The work is framed with a simple frame under glass. The frame is offered only in case of hand delivery.

/// Biography of Camille HILAIRE ///

Alternating between post-cubism and figuration, his works in dazzling colors are luminous. Camille Hilaire represented the nuanced expression of the composition. Thus, starting from efficient structures, he held the power through color and obtained an admirable and constant sensation of calm, of amplitude, of grandeur by translating the patterns and the elements, which never prevented him from expressing a burning sensation. passion for creation and sharing. Remarkable were her nudes with perfect curves, coiled with charm and placed in an environment where their sensual fullness imposed itself in provocative grace.
As for the landscapes, Camille Hilaire knew how to dictate their structure without apparent constraint, giving them that fresh and spicy green that often characterized him. Thus, nature and elements became a pretext where the artist pushes the color until obtaining the felt effect. As for the tapestries, his entire profession as a graphic designer and his desire to research merged into splendid works which constantly appeal to the eye thanks to their technical success of pure harmony and which represented the artist just as well as his lithographs, an astonishing outcome.
One of the interior walls of the Georges de la Tour college canteen located on King George Square in Metz, is adorned with a bucolic fresco, impressive in size and beauty, painted by Camille Hilaire. It was saved during the recent modernization of the building. He also designed the stained glass windows for the Sainte-Anne churches in Nancy (installed in 1964).
About ten monographs have been devoted to him, as well as reports and films. He leaves behind a large-scale work, marked with the seal of seduction, in what it supposes most demanding. Hilaire left a strong mark on French painting in the mid-twentieth century. Source Wikipedia.