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Drawing & Acrylic on canvas. 53 x 67 cm

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Hora French

Drawing & Acrylic on canvas. 53 x 67 cm.

Hora French is a visual artist who lived in different cities of Argentina, travelling to Rio Gallegos, Corrientes, Paraná, and always going back to Cordoba, to his native city.

Since childhood he found satisfaction in drawing, but it was until his 16th, when he received a First Prize in Art&Design, given by the University of Cambridge, a promising starting on his professional career as an artist.

After school he lived in Buenos Aires, studying History of Arts in the University of Museo Social Argentino. Then he traveled abroad, living mostly in Barcelona and other cities, like Bristol, where he got influenced by Banksy and his stencil art.

In his work, he finds drawing as the best skill for attempting his goals in different art fields, such as graffiti, tattoos, illustrations, sculptures, and making production design for movies and staging.

Since 2005, he has been showing his work in exhibitions and trips to different cities all over the world. After several publications and public activities, he obtained a recognition for painting and contributing with art to the city of Cordoba.