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Original painting on canvas. 100x100cm.

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Original painting on canvas
Acrylic painting on canvas.
Signed by the artist.
Size of the canvas : 100x100cm.
Original and unique artwork

Born in Cordoba, Argentina.
His initiation begins at the age of 12 with the artist Marta Milliani. The year 2012 marks his professional entry into the world of art with his exhibition at the Monaco Art Gallery. A year later, he began a journey that led him to participate in various exhibitions and collective projects in Brazil, Uruguay and France. In 2014 he moved to Paris and he began to take an interest in street art. In his Paris studio, he meets several street-artists with whom he learns new techniques such as stencil and wood sculpture, disciplines that will be used to transpose his creations on the walls of the city. In his graphic universe there are strong references to pre-Hispanic art from South America, mixed with contemporary artistic trends such as art brut and pop art.
In 2018, he created with Jérôme Rasto the exhibition "Les distiques de Ninin et Rasto" entirely composed of collaborative works in which he mingled his universe to that of Jérôme Rasto in such a nested way, that these works, more than collaborations took the name of “distique” that we can translate in “couplet” (In poetry, a couplet is the union of two verses forming a complete whole by sense, for example a maxim).
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You can find that artworks under the name of artist «Ninin & Rasto».