DARK X CODEX Serigraph Desert of Delights


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Serigraph. 30x42cm.

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"Desert of Delights"

Original screenprint.
Signed by the two artists.
Dimensions: 30x42cm.

Number of proofs :

10 + 3 proofs ( 1 to 10 /10 and 1 to 3/3  ) available at 100 euros ( Non enhanced proof ) or 180 euros ( Enhanced proof ) 

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Parisian street artist.

Night after night, the pages of a weird bestiary turn on the cement walls of the City of Lights. Some impossible creatures walk, fly and crawl, like illuminated medieval images, to generate surprise and poetry in the streets of Paris, before being rapidly recovered by the cleaning services of the Paris townhalls.

Codex Urbanus created an endless range of mutant animals, aware of their extremely short life span, just like an urban vanity.

Beyond the bestiary, the art of Codex Urbanus appears on more complex walls, where ancient symbols unfold on golden backgrounds, like sacred icons. And sometimes, on paper, he makes India ink drawings and, on canvas, he makes paintings on a beige Paris anti-graffiti bottom.

Codex Urbanus does not have any artistic background, but has been drawing as soon as he knew how to hold a pen, in his school notebooks, during corporate meetings or simply doodling on whatever piece of paper he would find. It’s only when he left the harsh world of companies that he had to find a way to express himself without paper. Quickly doodling on walls like some alchemic vandal became the solution, following the example of several graffiti and street artists before him.

The art of Codex Urbanus comes in different ways and fits in the diverse and ever-changing persona of the Paris street art scene.


Since their discovery during his school years of design and graphic design, the letters and their lines have become obsessions. Calligraphy, alphabets, Gothic, uncial, Cyrillic, Katakana, Dark Snooopy observed, absorbed and merged to create his own means of expression. Under its markers, bombs or digital styluses, melted in an abstract style, the conventional letters no longer exist, fill the delimited forms in which they are drawn as under the action of an automatic writing. Suggest slogans, ideas. And arouse as much emotion as if they were truly decipherable.