Limited edition - Urban Totem

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Limited edition. 42x29cm.

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Limited edition
Numbered in pencil by the artist 1/50 to 50/50
Signed in pencil by the artist.
Paper dimensions: 42x29cm.
Publisher's dry stamp.

/// Biography of GRAFFMATT ///

GraffMatt is from Chambéry.
He is 34 years old.
A street artist who began his first frescoes in 2013, he has since taken part in numerous festivals and has exhibited as far as Hong Kong. He stood out this year with his fresco at La Défense for the Saato festival and with his depiction of the pandemic-inspired nurse boxer, which featured on the cover of the street art book during the first lockdown.
The urban scene is his main source of inspiration: "it reflects the society in which we live, a landscape in perpetual motion".