Ensemble Réel - Laisse le temps nous retrouver

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Mixed technique (Acrylic wood collage ...) - 85x66cm

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Mixed technique (Acrylic wood-collage ...)
Signed. 85x66cm.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biography of ENSEMBLE REEL ///

Ensemble Réel is a duo of artists, of two brothers who unite their worlds: a left-handed stencil and a right-handed painter, who form an ambidextrous and complementary artist. Their alliance is obvious and the way to share their passion for painting and urban art, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The brothers of Ensemble Réel choose to process an emotion, find a face and come to work on it in turn to give it a voice. Sublimate a soul in love with freedom and its mistrust of others, depict the melancholy of a moment, question the femininity of each, symbolize the power that lies dormant in oneself, divert classic figures ... These themes inspire the duo. Their universe is recognizable by the fusion and contrast of stencil and paint. The initial work of the stencil makes it possible to work on a chromatic, to link the face, to embark on a dreamlike, inspiring and surreal space. The painting finally marks a break to give contrasts and depth to the work, through touches and other elements that complete the story of the face or the body represented. The whole amplifies the emotion and catches the eye, allowing each spectator to find his own reading, to open his mind to the reality of the figure of the work. Ensemble Réel keeps the mystery of its original idea and lets each story exist in your mind ... © Ensemble Réel