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Painting. 70x50cm.

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/// CAROLE B. ///


For its values ​​and commitments, this black icon embodies the French Republic.
A topical Marianne since thanks to the petition of the collective Osezjosephine, this heroine will perhaps enter the Pantheon!

A little reminder of the details of my work and the life of this emancipation figure ^^

From the start of the war, in 1939, she committed to the ** liberation of France, entering the Resistance as a spy agent. Committed and generous, she provides a refugee management center at her own expense. She also has more than 4000 war godchildren.
For her services rendered to France during WWII, she will receive several military medals, including ** the prestigious Legion of Honor and the Croix de Guerre with Palme.
All her life she fought for ** equality between men. She has notably worked against segregation and racism: on August 28, 1963, during Martin Luther King's march on Washington, she was the only woman to speak.
In 1955, Joséphine and her husband Jo Bouillon adopted 12 children of different nationality and religion: "the Rainbow Tribe" . In their castle of the ** Milandes, they wanted to found a "Village of the World, Capital of the ** Universal Fraternity" to prove that women and men could live together, despite their differences.
She will be the first woman of American descent to receive military honors at her funeral in 1975.
Black artist, descendant immigrant naturalized French, avant-garde, free, courageous, generous, committed, immigrant and descendant of a slave ... To bring Joséphine Baker to the Pantheon is to recognize that the "great men" of this country are sometimes women who come from elsewhere.


Text by Carole B.

Acrylic painting on paper made with a stencil.
There are 8 stencils in different colors numbered 1 to 8/8.
Each work is therefore unique.
Dimensions 70x50cm.
Original and unique work.

/// Biography of Carole B ///

Child of the 80s, Carole b. has always been drawn to art and quickly gets into the habit of drawing for any occasion. Despite a passion for creation, she first studied general, without neglecting her creativity in art classes. It is out of a challenge that she decides one day to take an interest in collage, which she appropriates from a little-used angle: cutout collage.

Her school and professional obligations forced her to put her passion aside for ten years, until in 2016, an artist friend urged her to take up her scalpel again to start exhibiting. The success of this first Salon gave him the confidence to continue his work and thus regularly win prizes and public recognition. As his artistic experiences progress, his technique refines, evolves, his complex personality is reflected in works imbued with subtlety, glamor and humor. (© Carole B.)