Jo Di Bona - Limited edition - YAM LION PURPLE

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Limited edition. 50x40cm.

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/// JO DI BONA ///

Limited edition in digigraphy.
Museum Natural Velvet Paper 300g
Edition of 10 proofs numbered and signed by the artist.
(HandNumbered in the lower left margin, handsigned in the lower right margin)
Editor's dry stamp (YAM)
Paper dimensions: 50x40cm
Certificate of authenticity.

This artwork is in augmented reality

/// The first augmented reality artwork by Jo Di Bona ///

What is augmented reality ?

The principle is simple, looking at the work through a screen (laptop, tablet ..) you can enter the artwork and admire each layer of paint and collage. You will be able to navigate the work, zoom in on certain elements and see hidden elements due to the superposition work of Jo di Bona.

You can also film or photograph the work as it appears on your screen!

What do I need to use augmented reality?

You need an internet connection, instagram app on mobile phone or tablet. But also of course, original painting, or one of the limited editions!

How to use augmented reality?

You will have to scan a QR code ( provided ) and put your device in front of the work ( painting or edition ). After 2 seconds, augmented reality takes shape and you can move around and in the virtual work.

/// Biography of JO DI BONA ///

New emblematic figure of the Parisian Street Art scene, Jo Di Bona owes his dazzling success to his unique technique that he himself invented: Pop Graffiti, where he associates collages, various graffiti influences and the pop culture from which he works. 'is deeply permeated. Modern day fauvist, Jo mixes colors and movements to create faces imbued with poetry, emotion and joie de vivre. In his works, Jo pays homage with the same tenderness to the icons and great characters of the story as to passing strangers, nourished by the generous gaze he has on humans because “the most important in his eyes, c 'is sharing ”(Artist'up)

Praised by the media, Jo has among other things been presented on the News of France 2, M6 or in the Télématin show, has been on the cover of the magazines “Arts Magazine”, “Street Art Magazine”, “Paris Tonkar”, was cited by the reference site Artsper among “the 10 artists to follow in 2016” or in the top 5 of Konbini's favorite Street Artists in 2018, and made the front page of the prestigious New York Times for its tribute wall made to Little Cambodia. Jo is also one of the first Street Artists in the world to enter the United Nations Headquarters in New York in January 2017, and is one of the 50 global artists represented in the Guide to Contemporary Urban Art 2019/2020. He has since had many appearances in various works of art (Audrey Decker).