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Acrylic on canvas 81x65 cm

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Acrylic on canvas
Size 81x65 cm
Creation date: 2022
Signed. Certificate of authenticity.
Original and unique artwork.


Spring comes with its share of renewal.
Emergence of the first line, jet of graphite on paper.
The challenge of perfecting oneself, of understanding one's own approach through the ore, an expression in direct contact with the raw material.
The desire to get closer to a classic tool that has gone through the history of art. Bust The Drip


Bust the Drip was born in 1983. He lives and works in the Paris region

Bust the Drip is a French artist from the world of dance. Trained in hip hop, he is part of the group Fush Wong.
It is the vibrations of music that animate it. Recreating the movement of bodies, he associates the gesture with the projection of painting. Inspired as much by Pollock as by Mode2, his way of painting is extremely gestural, energetic; both technical and instinctive. His compositions mix spray, acrylic, pencil ... He speaks of his painting as a choreography of features and traces. The color takes shape, the drawn frequencies give rhythm. Calibrated on his vibrations, the artist returns his tempo on its support.
The musical universe is omnipresent in the work of Bust the Drip who spreads his art on the walls of Paris and the suburbs of Paris as positive waves.