"L'homme blanc et le personnage-coeur"

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Painting on canvas. Size : 46 x 55 cm. Collaborative artwork : Jérôme Mesnager & Lebichon

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L'homme blanc et le personnage-coeur ", we can translate : "the white man and the character-heart"
Collaborative artwork : 
Jérôme Mesnager & Lebichon

Painting on canvas, handsigned by the artists.
Size : 46 x 55 cm.

Painted in 2019 for the exihibtion « Rêveries amoureuses ( Love dreams ) » at the Gallery YOUNG ARTISTS MONTMARTRE.

"Love Dreams" is the union of different universes and different generations of artists linked by the same process in their art: traits, lines and repeated forms to convey emotions.

Jérôme Mesnager's "The White Man", this simple silhouette, is a feat.

Its author defines it as a symbol of light, strength and peace.

But it does not represent peace, like Picasso's Dove with its olive branch in the beak, this silhouette embodies peace. An inexplicable emotion emerges from her. We feel something in itself that does not have to be analyzed, rationalized. This emotion is what makes Art one of the most beautiful forms of human expression.

The White Man returns in direct resonance with the "Character-heart" of Le Bichon.

This form is a new human figure posed on the walls of Paris, thirty years after the first White Man, which also symbolizes peace and love. There emerges the same joy, the same lightness, the same carelessness. Le Bichon as Mesnager likes to represent his characters dancing. But, while the characters of Mesnager emanate universal peace and love, those of Le Bichon were created as a banner to claim universal peace and love. They were born in reaction to the barbarism that Paris has recently experienced. The character of Le Bichon says "love us". He carries a message for the present and the future, that of Mesnager expresses this same thought in a timeless way.