Etching 1 by Bust the Drip

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Original etching. Size 10 x 7,5 cm

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" Etching #1 "

The very first etching by Bust The Drip

Original engraving.
Technique : drypoint etching

Size without marges : 10 x 7,5 cm

The number for sell is 10/10

Proofs :

10 proofs (N° 1/10 à 10/10)
2 Artist Proofs ( EA1/2 à EA2/2)
1 BAT + the original copper plate (also available. Price: 300 euros. Contact us: contact@yam-galerie.com)

Notes :

> All the proofs are signed and numbered by the artist in the margins.
> All copper plates have been scratched by the artists, it will never be made additional etching. The stripe is an oblique line in the bottom right or left corner.
> The BAT are the first proof. This is the first proof used to make the etching. They all include, as test proofs, traces of handling and ink in the margins. The other proofs are in perfect condition.
> There is épreuves d'essais (for dry point engravings).
> All the etchings are almost identical. The prints at the dry point are all a little different.

Bust the drip, was born in 1983, lives and works in the Paris suburb.

Bust the Drip is a French artist comes from the world of dance. Trained in hip hop, he is part of the group Fush Wong.

Hes inspired by the music vibrations to paint. Recreating the movement of bodies, he associates  gesture and projection of painting. Inspired as much by Pollock as by Mode2, his way of painting is extremely gestural, energetic; both technical and instinctive. His compositions mix spray, acrylic, pencil ... He speaks of his painting as a choreography of features and traces. The color takes shape, the drawn frequencies give rhythm. Calibrated on his vibrations, the artist returns his tempo on its support.

The musical universe is omnipresent in the work of Bust the Drip who spreads his art on the walls of Paris and the suburb as positive waves.

He has participated in several events such as "Art for Autism" in 2016, the charity festival for the fight against breast cancer in Grenoble in 2017, Contemporary art fair in 2019, Urban Art fair in 2021...