Peter Pan-Duduss

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Acrylic paint and chalk on drum. diam. 40cm.

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Peter Pan-Duduss
Original and unique artwork.
Acrylic paint and chalk on drum.
Size : diameter of 40cm


Creative, passionate and full of imagination, Toctoc has invented a funny and endearing character he calls "Duduss" .

While Toctoc studied applied arts at school, the Duduss, men with a minimalist look with a large open mouth without teeth, born, in 2012, invading the walls of Paris.

Caricatures of famous personalities (Michael Jordan Duduss, Tim Burton Duduss, Super Duduss, Bat Duduss, Salvador Dali Duduss ...), his characters that he sticks first in the street, end up in exhibitions, books, Comics, animation ... 

Toctoc plays with his Duduss in a creative and offbeat way to convey funny and cheerful messages. He also works with his Duduss to convey more committed messages especially in relation to the defense of the environment and animals.