Sell your artworks

You can contact us by e-mail to contact [@] by providing us with your contact details (name, address, telephone) and giving us as much information as possible about the work (s) you want to sell:

- a photograph of the front of the painting
- an enlargement of the signature if this work is signed
- a photograph of the back of the painting (for works on canvas)
- the size without the frame
- the type of work (oil, watercolor, drawing, pastel, etc.)
- the support (paper, canvas, wood, etc.)
- the date of acquisition
- the place of acquisition
- any writings on the back of the canvas
- is the work dated?
- the place where the work is located.
- Is there a certificate of authenticity? Who wrote it?
- has the work been reproduced in a book? an exhibition catalog? etc. . .
- the condition of the work (cracks, gaps, tears, restorations, ...)
- your price?

as well as anything that could be useful.

We will answer you within 7 days.

For urgent requests, you can contact us via the contact form.