How do you choose the works for sale on the site?

The works are selected by Sophie & Julien Roussard personally and we present the artists we offer for sale in our galleries. With 70 years of experience and relationship with artists, we offer for sale a selection of artists and works chosen for their pictorial quality, their sensitivity, their creativity and their interest in the art history.

Is there a certificate of authenticity?

All works are provided with a certificate of authenticity and an invoice.

How do you fix the prices of your works?

The prizes are the public sale prices of each artist without any additional commission from online auction sites, nor any additional commission from auction house.

How to see the works?

all the works presented on the site are physically present in our galleries. But they are not necessarily hanging on the wall. They can be in storage from where the need to make an appointment to see a particular artwork.

Why create an account?

By creating your account, you can: • Save your favorites • Follow our news • Receive alerts as soon as we publish a work of artist "coup de coeur" • buy works on the site

Is it better to come directly to the gallery or to go on the site to see new works?

When we have new works, we either hang them immediately if they are part of the current exhibition, or they are temporarily put in a storage.

Tall our new works appear on the site.

If you wish to be notified of the arrival of a new artwork by your favorite artist or in the style you are looking for before it appears on the site, you can ask us via the contact form. We will then send you a preview email with photo and description of the artwork.

How are the deliveries?

Deliveries are made after full payment of the works within 7 working days of the order, unless specific request, and you can follow it live via a tracking number.

How to pay my order ?

via the website only.

In the gallery, the sale is traditional. If you like a hanging painting or a painting that you have asked us to leave reserve you can pay on the spot in cash or credit card, in one or more payments.

I wish to sell a work, is it possible?

Yes, via our section« Sell your artwork »

I wish a work of an artist who is not referenced on your site, is it possible?

Yes. Specify your request via the contact form and we will contact you by phone to tell you if we can do this search for you.

Can I have a custom work done?

Yes. The link is on the page "custom work" .

NWe can make a portrait, a landscape, an animal, a star etc. by artists referenced on the site or any other artist that interests you.

If you can not find the answer to one of your questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form