RASTO Jérome

L’Ouverture du ciel

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Acrylic painting on canvas. 40x40cm

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/// Jérôme Rasto ///

Acrylic painting on canvas.
Original and unique work.
Size: 40x40cm
Signed work.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biography of Jérôme Rasto ///

Jérôme Rasto was born in 1978 in Perpignan. He was introduced to painting by his father, a painter. The story begins with his discovery as a child of books like “Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry”. The drawings, the characters, the buildings, the animals... the decorative aspect of the illumination, and especially its symbols, will leave a lasting impression. Passionate about the medieval period, the stained glass window that fascinates him will influence the thickness of its line, its play of transparencies, its colors. After a brief stint at Arts Deco (ENAD) in Limoges, he continued painting in the studio before also starting to work in the street. He paints on different supports, canvases, walls, bulky items, a universe mixing this medieval iconography with more contemporary references such as that of the video games with which he grew up. The Mario Bros universe is an inherent part of his work. In 2020, he gave us his interpretation of one of the most important testimonies of medieval civilization, Dante's book “The Divine Comedy” during an exhibition organized by the Roussard Gallery. The artist once again inscribes this medieval novel in a popular and accessible reading. In 2022, he tackles the theme of the Last Judgment for a major exhibition in Los Angeles.