Félix Buhot - Place Bréda - Winters of 1879 in Paris

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Etching. 23x34cm.

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Félix BUHOT (Valognes 1847 - Paris 1898)

Winter of 1879 in Paris
Original etching

Main view:

- place Bréda on December 9, 1879
now place Gustave Toudouze and rue Henry-Monnier to place Gabriel Kaspereit (Paris 9e)

- Montmartre
- cold dead horse
- public drivers
- at the boulevard des Italiens

Size of the drawing: 23x34 cm

Félix Buhot fully participates in the revival of etching in the 19th century alongside engravers like Félix Bracquemond or Charles Jacque. The etchings of Buhot are famous for their so-called "symphonic" margins: alongside the central subject, the artist makes additions in the margins - we also speak of "remarks" - sometimes very detailed. It was he who engraved the prints of the Japonisme album from the collection of Philippe Burty, in April 1883. Buhot signed his works with the monogram "FB" which sometimes appeared reversed. He also sometimes signs with an owl1 or with the pseudonym anagram "Tohub", as in Paris etching or L'Illustration nouvelle. An exhibition was dedicated to him in February 1888 in New York.