BOX - with 10 limited edition and 1 book - Ardif, Ensemble Réel, EZK, Kaldea, Madame, Eric Michel, Nebay,

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1 COLLECTOR'S BOX in ULTRA LIMITED edition including in addition to the BOOK 1 copy of EACH of the ORIGINAL DIGIGRAPHS 30x20 cm ONE PER ARTIST: Ardif, Ensemble Réel, EZK, Kaldea, Madame, Eric Michel, Nebay, Petite Poissone, Sax, Alexis Bust Stephens

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Including in addition to the BOOK,

1 copy of EACH of the ORIGINAL DIGIGRAPHS 30x20 cm

Real Set,
Eric Michel,
Little Fish,
Alexis Bust Stephens

All SIGNED by the artists and NUMBERED on 3 COPIES ONLY!.
The 30x20cm digigraphs will be signed and numbered by the artists and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

///// DESCRIPTION /////

Philosophical essay by XAVIER PAVIE on “the transformative power of art”, or how the works that we encounter in the street can, whether we wish it or not, have the ability to reach us. Book in French. 164 pages of illustrations, paintings, walls, performances, texts, biographies. 30 contemporary artists. Hardcover. 24x16cm.

///// FOR FURTHER /////

XAVIER PAVIE is a philosopher, professor at ESSEC business school, program director at the International College of Philosophy and researcher at the Institute of Philosophical Research at Paris Nanterre University.
In 2012, he created the iMagination center, one of the characteristics of which is to welcome an artist in residence in order to bring art into the school, to allow an exchange with students, and to offer another vision of world.
All of these artists are included in the book with works created in residence in France and Singapore or in public spaces:

Arai Kreva, Ardif, Marc Chalvin, Yip Yew Chong, Collectif Dassad, Combo, C215, Matthieu Dagorn, Gaspard Delanoë, Ensemble Réel, EZK, A'shua Imran, Nathalie Joffre, Didier Jaba Mathieu, Kaldea, Eunice Lim, Madame, Mindflyer , Eric Michel, Minus12prod, Nebay, Petite Poissone, Bridget Polk, Sax, Snek, Speak Cryptic, Alexis Bust Stephens, Erik Tartrais, Danielle Tay, Didier Wampas.

This book testifies to an extraordinary educational experience in which art plays a precious role. The week of imagination (iMagination Week) was developed within the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) in 2012. Since this first edition, nearly 15,000 students have passed through the iMagination Week. An exceptional experience based on transdisciplinarity where hundreds of guests rubbed shoulders, whether singers, physicists, artisans, philosophers, mathematicians, artists, Nobel Prize winners, actors or politicians.

This seminar has received numerous educational awards and is recognized as a unique experience in the world of “business schools”. Indeed, in addition to interventions as prestigious as they are varied, Imagination Week is above all a unique method to help everyone to imagine, propose a vision or push the framework of preconceived ideas. More precisely, imagination week is based on four essential skills: creativity, collaboration, curious posture and critical thinking. And this with the aim of building new, ever more responsible worlds.

Among the unique features, each edition receives an artist in residence during the event week. In addition to creating a work within the walls of the campus, he or she constantly interacts with students throughout the creative process. In fact, after more than a decade, ESSEC has become the school with the most art on its walls, on its Cergy, Singapore and La Défense campuses.

Finally, if this work exists, it is because one of the characteristics of this week is the sharing of knowledge and knowledge. This is why if several works have been published covering the various interventions of the guests, if these have been put online in order to allow them to be viewed by as many people as possible, we had to continue, extend this spirit, this time with the artists . This is therefore the challenge of this work, the resumption of the works produced, the release of which coincides with the exhibition dedicated to the Hôtel de l’Industrie from June 1 to 3, 2024.