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JonOne was born in New York in 1963. He began to tag the streets of Harlem at the age of 17 on the walls and subway trains of his lettering and of his then blaze: "Jon156" (the number of his street, which he will then give up in favor of "JonOne"). It was his meeting with A-One, a friend of Jean-Michel Basquiat, at the turn of the 1980s, who forever defined his status as an artist. In 1987 he left the United States for Paris, after meeting the artist Bando who invited him there, and where he went to roam the streets of the capital in the company of the pioneers of graffiti and French hip hop, leaving his own mark. pictorial according to their descents. He sets up his workshop in the Ephemeral Hospital, a squat established in the Bretonneau hospital in the 1990s. From then on, JonOne went from urban art to the canvas, in perfect autodidact, developing a universe where graffiti and lettering mingle, memories of his New York years, but also what he calls his "freestyle", populated with colors and imbued with boundless freedom. He embarked on a series of solo shows and other personal exhibitions (notably in France and Germany). Faced with its growing notoriety, the ARTCURIAL auction house will put up for auction in 2007 a 1993 painting entitled "Match Ball", sold for the record sum of 24,800 euros. JonOne is now collected worldwide: from Paris to New York, via Berlin, Tokyo or Hong Kong.