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BISK is a visual artist from the southern suburbs of Paris. He entered the graffiti culture in 2007 and, since then, this artist has not stopped setting up original projects. In 2021, he transforms a huge vacant lot into an open-air exhibition space. The whole terrain then becomes a marvelous world. In the spring of 2023, he repeats an immersive experience, this time in a bar in the second arrondissement of Paris, entirely covered from floor to ceiling with posters torn from the metro and amalgamated, painted, to create a strange cave, populated by monsters made up of advertising papers. His various interventions are widely relayed by the media as they are astonishing, ambitious and controlled. His touch is identifiable, marked by his strong personality and his abundant universe which does not leave the slightest detail aside. Paintings, sculptures, wood, metal, installations, he is a multidisciplinary artist, who handles the bomb as well as the saw or the soldering iron. Evolving until now outside the conventional circuits, it is here his pictorial universe that we begin by presenting to you, a real gateway to the discovery of this bubbling artist whose name circulates until now like a well-kept secret. by art lovers. Biography by © Sophie Roussard