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After studying law, which did not appeal enough to her creativity, VIKO turned to artistic disciplines that we are not used to associating: cooking and drawing. In the kitchen, she works with starred chefs, then leaves aboard her food truck to see the country. Consecrated by the award for the best food truck, after a few years, she puts her van in the garage and puts her suitcases in Paris. The drawing is not left out because she is a graduate of the French School of Tattoo, which is one of the best schools to learn the basics of art (academic drawing, engraving, lithography, ...), all that mixed in the very free spirit of the tattoo. Viko can draw anything, but what we show you here is her imaginary friend, her most intimate part of herself. This little character in the shape of a potato, an extra-terrestrial among other extra-terrestrials, expresses the emotions of its author, reveals her soul, her personality. He is funny, touching, intelligent and says out loud many things that we feel under our breath, too. This little guy came out of Viko's sketchbooks, pushed by his friends and teachers who fell for him. He is just beginning to show himself to the public, so you are very privileged to be among the first to discover this little character! Biography by © Sophie Roussard