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EvazéSir, Eva & Sir were born in 1984 and since 2009 have formed a duo of artists, called "street artists". Sir self-taught, began with graffiti and began to paint in abandoned places at a young age. He then developed a passion for stenciling and the exploitation of the motif. While Eva is moving towards a more academic course in art school, she focuses on studying the character in black and white. Two visual identities meet, the realism in brush painting is linked to an urban aerosol graphic style. The duo, active in the streets internationally, with in situ paintings, collages or huge frescoes painted on the walls and also productive in the studio with the creation of installations and paintings. Each of their interventions draws their strength from the assembly of their findings. Wood, pieces of old furniture, obsolete objects, papers ... everything is conducive to telling stories. Their works draw on the effects of time, which they explore with nostalgia and leave a mark. That of memories. Figures, characters and patterns then make the material speak, breathe new life into it, summon the imagination.