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Marko Stupar was born in Vodenica, near Bozanski Petrovac, Bosnia, on November 11, 1936. His childhood is marked by war and difficult living conditions. He then took refuge early in the drawing, crunching in his little notebook the landscapes of the various regions of Yugoslavia in which he stayed until his sixteenth birthday. Then he became an engineer in a machine tool factory, while studing in evening classes at the Belgrade School of Fine Arts. In parallel with this instruction, he formed the eye by regularly going in the museums of the capital and discovered with fascination the impressionist masters (Monet, Renoir, Pissarro ...). At 28, he decides to live in Paris, in this city that makes him dream. With wonder, he walks for the first time on the big boulevards, wanders in the gardens, and discovers a vocation for the representation of the urban landscapes. He started on the Place du Tertre, under a pseudonym, and quickly get to be exposed. A great international career begins. He has received awards, including the Taylor Foundation Grand Prix in 2006, and his works are presented in museums in Bosnia, France and to the United States. Immensely famous in his country of origin, in France he is one of the last post-impressionist painters. He will mark this current as "The Slavic Touch of Post-Impressionism".