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Sam Francis, American painter, born in 1923, died in 1994. He first studied medicine and psychology. It was only after his plane crashed in 1943 while he was an airman, that he developed a passion for painting. He painted during his two years of hospitalization. Restored, he enrolled in Berkeley to study art, then went to San Francisco to follow the teaching of a painter he admires and who inspires him: Clyfford Still. Around 1948-49, he left for Paris. There he met several American artists from the "Action painting" movement who were going to complete his education. Through his plane crash, Sam Francis seeks to convey the impression of infinity that he had glimpsed in the desert, in this space without beginning or end. For him, the white canvas merges with the sky once visited and it is therefore quite natural that he will decide to paint only the background, instead of infinity in painting. From there follows the continuation of his approach: if infinity comes from the bottom, then there is no need to paint figures since only interests him "the space that extends between things". However, this is contrary to the pictorial tradition: the background should only serve as a theatrical space for figures, the relationship figures / background embodies the story it tells. By removing the figures, Sam Francis removes the finish to keep only the infinite, his works are then only pieces of infinity which, for its part, continues far beyond the canvas. It thus goes beyond the notion of framework.