List of products by manufacturer TOCTOC

Creative, passionate and full of imagination. Toctoc has invented a funny and endearing character he calls “Duduss”. While Toctoc was launched into applied art studies, the Duduss, minimalist looking men with a large open mouth without teeth, were born in 2012, invading the walls of Paris.
Caricatures of well-known personalities (Michael Jordan Duduss, Tim Burton Duduss, Super-Duduss, Bat-Duduss, Salvadore Dali Duduss ...), his personalities that he first sticks in the street, end up being invited into exhibitions, books , Comics, animation ...
Toctoc plays with Duduss in a creative and quirky way to convey funny and cheerful messages. He also works with his Duduss to convey more committed messages, particularly in relation to the defense of the environment and animals.