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Le Bichon is a Parisian street artist. He was born in 1990 in Rennes. Coming from the Rennes School of Applied Arts, this teaching aimed at an artistic profession does not leave enough place for imagination and creative freedom for the young student he was. On the walls of the capital, he’s going to make characters, mostly with chalk. A safe, precise and loose line gives life to silhouettes, initially unformed. Everyone could appropriate the drawing, guess what it represented. It is in November 2015 that Le Bichon, as we know him now, has affixed on a wall his first character with an heartshape. Since, he has never stopped invading the capital of these characters filled with love. He wishes through them, to communicate an immediate message of love, unity and sharing.  He took part at “the Urban Art”at the 17th arrondissement of Paris in the summer 2017, and at "Street Montmartre" in the Renoir gardens of the Montmartre museum. On this occasion, he made a great wall for and with the children of the charity home “foyer du Sacré-Coeur”. These drawings are dancing and joyful compositions. When the color appears, it is always spread with control and parsimony to serve the drawing. The color does not invade the little characters, playing alone or in scenes.