List of products by manufacturer STOUL

Parisian street artist Stoul, was born in 1981, became known at the age of twenty for her characters with faces of cat. She quickly developed her art and developed her style, gradually leaving the figurative to go to a semi-abstract geometry very personal. She is now recognized as a complete artist, identifiable at first glance.  On walls, large frescoes and in her studio, she handles the lines angles and the color palette with talent. She is also an artist who is involved in causes that are important to her, especially the environment, gender equality and socio-cultural actions. She likes to put her work in perpetual evolution and does not hesitate to surprise her audience with each new cycle of her artistic creativity.   Among his most recent major achievements, there are his majestic fresco at Villars-Fontaine for“the Roc festival”in 2016, and more recently in 2017 his Totem culminating at 34 meters high, painted on the tower of CISP Maurice Ravel in Paris XII.