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David Fredrik Moussalem was born in Lahti, Finland (1985). He traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East in his earlier years and currently lives in Toronto. After a decade of creative directing for Toronto's premier design studios, David started to aggressively focus his creative energy towards painting and mixed media artwork. His works are comprised of found street collage and acrylic paint, which are then deconstructed to form his signature compositions. David mixes chaos and harmony in his large wood panel pieces which all tell different "stories from the streets". Inspired by vintage signage, graffiti, abandoned scrapyards and erosion, his pieces reflect the beautifully imperfect surroundings of urban city life. David's work has been exhibited at various Canadian independent galleries. He has been well received by professionals including law firms and medical clinics throughout Canada. David has garnered a world-wide following of private collectors. Galerie Roussard has been the first one to exhibit him in France.