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By dint of walking the streets, and Paris is undoubtedly the largest museum in France! I discovered the stencil, from forgotten artists to other estates established in today's urban art landscape, it was everywhere! Basic or more aesthetically accomplished works, that spoke to me! And it was also relatively easy and quick to poach a layer on a wall unnoticed! It was in 2008 that I took charge of my artistic destiny! In the region where I have been established since 2003, the Guérande peninsula! Beyond the beautiful surroundings, there are beautiful people! I seized the opportunity to use my curiosity and my desire to increase my work thanks to a meeting, this person cohabited for a few years, with a pioneer stencil artist, Edmond Marie Rouffet. And at 41, I thought to myself, this is definitely my thing! Stencil, I did, not bad! but now I wanted this to be my life! And it's a message too, we can change direction at any time, invent a new life, and fight to make it start, I am one of those who say: when we are on the right path, the route is less cluttered, things are easier; you shouldn't be stubborn in suffering unnecessarily, but one thing is for sure, everything is difficult before it is easy! After 9 years of intense creation, I can say that I feel like an artist, and not only am I, but my passion has triggered radical changes under my own roof; my wife, after a commercial career, became a good art framer.
My artistic approach is always the same, I am not particularly looking for an aesthetic common thread, my driving force is to tell, reinvent, update characters, also try to put my nostalgia on my canvases, seek above all, to communicate my emotion , I like yellowed photos, I like to read the weather, I am hypersensitive, I can quickly be overwhelmed with emotion.
The message is also often in my paintings: Betty punk or Candy Croft are characters that I emancipate, Betty I pull her hair in punk and sit her on a dock, Candy, I make her sexier and give her guns ! they are no longer fragile little girls with a big heart! these are seasoned women who assert themselves! everyone can change!

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