List of products by manufacturer KARLA SUTRA

Discover the aphrodisiac frescoes of Karla Sutra. The artist subtly tricks your eye and stimulates your senses. Illusionist jumps, solar flares and decorative disturbance, she draws her inspiration from the Mediterranean, classical and modern art, including Japanese Hentail and the architectural elements of monasteries. Inhabited by sensuality and passionate about art, she spins through her discoveries and her travels, an idea, an intuition: erotic azulejos. Geometry and mirror effects inspired by Kamasutra, the reading is done in two stages, in two dimensions.

A Street Art hunter, she thus exposed herself and then trained in ceramic techniques, in the art of fire in order to draw objects from her drawings. The deeply erotic connection between the body and food naturally led her to develop a collection of tableware. Eroticize your universe with its burning drawings, you already want them.