List of products by manufacturer TITO MULK

Born from the anguish of a very marked out and ineluctable life, Tito-Mulk's work reinvents a "cartoonish" world richly rich with new aesthetics. From the most obvious black / white contrast emerges an opposition to shackles
which oppresses, like a rant against the great contemporary pains. In this total commitment Tito and Mulk “cadavre-exquisent” in a perfect symbiosis.
They find their plastic vocabulary in the imaginary of their childhood and that of their desires. The universe of Super-Heroes and metamorphic monsters mix sex, drugs and 100% organic in a chaotic destabilizing antagonism characteristic of our society empty of landmarks.
The density of the graphics accentuates this hysterical jungle. However, the harmony and the know-how of the different plans and perspectives reveal the true intention of the artists: to find order, to clear their way in this imbroglio.
If Narrative Figuration from 1964 through Edouardo Arroyo announces "The program is to participate fully in reality. That is to say accusing, denouncing, proclaiming and not fleeing taboo subjects such as sexuality or politics, "today the societal situation is exacerbated. It is necessary to get out of the dead end, to get out of color in order to refocus, not to scatter and decide to adopt a chosen, mature path.
Denouncing is no longer enough, closer to the concerns of their time Tito / Mulk are looking for a road, opening a way. "