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Xiu Ping Liao is a painter born in 1936 in Taiwan.  He studied at the Taipei Municipal Tatung High School, then at the Fine Arts School of Taiwan, where he graduated in 1954. Then, he pursued a specialty at the University of Tokyo and finally at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He learns painting but also the art of engraving and lithography ... But he is bored in Paris and is idle by the difference between his Eastern culture and Western culture. He decided to leave Paris to follow a teaching in New York. As a teacher, he returned to Taiwan to teach the art of painting at the university. He loves to convey his experience and the philosophy he has developed around painting to his young students. He publishes a book on the art of printmaking that becomes a reference book on the subject. He is considered the father of modern print in Taiwan. He has received numerous international awards throughout his career, and many of his works have returned to museum collections around the world (China, Japan, Korea, England, France, Belgium, Spain, United States, Argentina, Israel).