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MegZany is a street artist from Los Angeles who has made a name for herself with her "Courage Has No Gender" campaign.

She made her first street artist works in 2016. She quickly evolved in her practices and widened her reach from the streets of Los Angeles to cities such as Wynwood, Miami, Montreal, London, Krakow, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Memphis, New Orleans and Austin.  Passionate from an early age by aviation, she often uses images that represent this theme in her projects. One of the most iconic stencils of MegZany is that of Amelia Earhart, a pioneer of civil aviation who disappeared in the South Pacific in 1937 during a flight around the Earth, associated with the mantra "courage has no sex". This mantra aims to raise awareness about gender disparity in society and to encourage people to create an optimistic future. As a female street artist working actively in a predominantly male field, MegZany is herself a modern version of Earhart, as she shares her hopeful message without fear. (Text © MegZany)