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Jacques VILLON - Lithograph - Young Lady

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Lithograph. 32x24cm.

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/// Jacques VILLON ///

" The young Lady "
Original lithograph. Date 1972.
Dimensions: 32x24cm Not signed.
Edition of 800 unnumbered copies.

/// Biography of Jacques VILLON ///

In 1913, Villon created his Cubist masterpieces, seven large dry points where the shapes break into obscured pyramidal planes. The same year, he exhibited at the famous Armory Show in New York, which helped to introduce modern art to the United States. His works are very popular and sell easily. His fame grew so much that by the 1930s he was better known in the United States than in Europe.
The Louis Carré gallery organized an exhibition of his work in Paris in 1944 with a catalog prefaced by René-Jean, after which he received awards in several international exhibitions. In 1950, he received the Carnegie Prize and, in 1954, he was appointed Commander of the Legion of Honor. The following year, he received the order for the stained glass windows for the cathedral in Metz, France. In 1956, he was awarded the Grand Prize at the Venice Biennale at the exhibition.
Villon's greatest achievements in printmaking are his creation of a purely graphic language for Cubism, an achievement that no other engraver, including his fellow inventors of Cubism, Picasso or Braque, could boast.
In 1967, his brother Marcel helped set up an exhibition in Rouen entitled "Les Duchamp: Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Marcel Duchamp, Suzanne Duchamp". Part of this family exhibition was then presented at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Source Wikipedia