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Gustav Bolin - Original Lithograph - Composition


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Lithograph. 68x52cm.

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Gustave BOLIN (1920-1999)
"Composition, 1970"
Color lithograph on Arches paper
Proof signed and numbered out of 99 in pencil by the artist
Size of the work without margins: 64 x 49 cm
Size of the work with margins:: 68 x 52 cm.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biography of GUSTAV BOLIN ///

Born in Stocholm in 1920.
He lived in Paris from 1921, and remained there despite some interruptions until his death in 1999.
Family of goldsmiths supplying the Tsars and the Royal Family of Sweden for 3 generations.
He was in Othon Friez's studio during the interwar period.
Bolin leaves for the Drôme.
During the war he met Tal Coat and Giacometti.
He meets Charles Rollier (Swiss painter)
In the 1940s, he went to Maine et Loire where he painted Maternities, Farms, Daily Life.
He is influenced by Matisse for the colors.
He begins to move with his easel. He painted the shores of the Loire, landscapes of the South, etc ...
1948. First exhibition: Galerie Pierre Loeb in Paris.
1950. Art Vivant Gallery, boulevard Raspail, Paris.
1954. Haut-Pavé Gallery: Bazaine, Bolin, de Staël, Estève, Lapicque, Tal Coat.
1955. Art Vivant Gallery. Expression and Creation: de Staël, Villon, Bissière, Bolin, Chatel, Cottavoz, Estève, Garbele, Lapicque, Masson, Miro, Poliakoff, Tal Coat. (November and December).
1957. Art Vivant Gallery, "Convergence" Paris in December: Asse, Bolin, Germain, Debré, Lanskoy, Lessieur, Rollier, de Staël.
1959. Gallery of the Old Comedy: Group of 25 painters.
1960. Coard Gallery Paris
1962. Galerie Kriegel, Paris
1963. France: Charpentier Gallery. - Galerie Kreigel, Paris. - USA: David Findley in New-York.
1964. Japan: Nichido Gallery in Tokyo.
1965. Galerie Kriegel, Paris.
1966. Galerie Kriegel, Paris.
1967. USA: David Findley in New York.
1968. USA: David Findley in New York. - Japan: Nichido Gallery in Tokyo.
1969. France: Galerie Septentrion, Lille. - Japan: Nichido Gallery in Tokyo - Tokyo Biennale - Tokyo International Exhibition.
1970. Renée Laporte Gallery, Antibes. - Sweden: Eklunda Konsthandel Umes
1972. Biennial of Menton.
1973. Galliéra Museum (Abstract Painting)
1974. Galliéra Museum (Abstract Painting)
1975. Art Streaming Gallery (A.I.I.) Paris
1976. Sweden: Solleftes Konstforening - (Jewelry, Gouaches) WA Bolin Stokholm. - Glemminge Ystad Gallery.
1977. Represented at the exhibition "The adventure of Pierre Loeb" at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris (June-September). - Musée d'Isxelle in Brussels (October-November) - Sweden: Galleri B.M. Vasterss.
1978. Sudèe: Galerie Olga S. Stocholm /
1980. Coard Gallery in Paris
1981. FIAC Stand Leif Stahle: Bolin, Germain, Lindstrôm. - Sweden: Stockholm International Art Expo. - Galerie Eklund in Ulmes - Galerie Fägelsäng in Helsinborg.
1982. Swedish Cultural Center 11 rue Payenne in Paris (November-December) - Sweden: Galerie Fägelsäng in Helsinborg. - Stockholm International Art Expo. - Agardhsgalleriet Bästad - Galleri Götlin ürebro. - Canada: Trevisan Gallery in Edmonton.
1983. Coard Gallery, Paris. - üstermaim Gallery in Stockholm - Stockholm International Art Expo
1984. Sweden: Galleri Gardena, Kalmar.- Stockholm International Art Expo
1985. Coard Gallery, Paris- Stockholm International Art Expo.
1987. Sweden: Gaierri Scandinavia, Götchborg.- Stockholm International Art Expo
1988. Coard Gallery, Paris- Stockholm International Art Expo.
1989. Coard Gallery, Paris. - Sweden: Ostermalm Gallery in Stockholm - Stockholm International Art Expo
1990. Grande Arche "Ten Days with Sweden".
1991. Galerie Désiré, in Lyon.
1992. Coard Gallery, Paris.
1993. Swedish Artistic Association.
1995. Retrospective: Galerie Dionne, rue des Saint-Pères in Paris.
1999. "Bolin Lindstrom, Cobra" at the Ghironda Foundation, Bologna, Italy.
2004. Permanent collective exhibition Galerie Roussard.
2006. "A Swedish Painter in Paris". Paris Town Hall retrospective

Public collections:
Modern Art Museum.
Luxembourg Museum.
City of Paris.
Department of Arts and Letters.
Museum of Sweden.
Swedish Embassy in Paris
etc ...

Special collections
Bernard Arnault
B. Mouth
Mr. Degois
T. Elmzos
G. Torelli
E. Oppenheimer
J. Vuillieme
etc ...