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Bebar is a french artist born in Vitry in 1993.
He is one of the representatives of the new graffiti scene and French urban free figuration. Member of several crews since adolescence (NSK, MAC, WIB crew ...), he completed his self-learning by an academic training at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris and he obtained a scholarship in 2015 to follow a training of six months at the Parson School in New York. His universe is the result and the association of his street work and his academic training. He is inspired by the cartoony world of his childhood: Looney Toons, Tex Avery ..., which according to him, uses the same plastic codes as in graffiti. He evolves these figurative forms towards more abstract elements. This mutation is done in the same way as the division of the cells and allows the spectator to make his interpretation of the work.