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Joan Miro was born in 1893. He arrived in Paris in 1919. From a simple trip, He ended up settling in the capital. Close to Picasso, he discovered cubism, he also encountered the Dadaist milieu and the avant-garde. Very quickly, creates a veritable intellectual meeting. He says that it was then, with these people, that he discovered all that he was, all that he would become. He feels comfortable with quirky humor and a taste for the imagination of the surrealist current. He signed the surrealist manifesto and became one of its main representatives. The unconscious and the dream world are now his sources of inspiration. It was in 1925, when he presented, during an exhibition, "Le carnaval d'Arlequin", a purely surreal work, that he became known worldwide. In 1975, the Joan Miró Foundation opened its doors in Barcelona, ​​with the help of a large fund bequeathed by the painter.