Nadège Dauvergne - Meeting with Theodor Grosse

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Artwork on paper. 40x23cm.

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"Meeting with Theodor Grosse"

Posca marker and ink on paper.
Original artwork.
Handsigned. 40x23cm.
This artwork was reproduced on the card " 7 of diamonds" from the Street Art Card Game.
Certificate of authenticity.


I was born in 1973 and I currently live in Oise.
After studying graphic arts in Paris, I studied fine arts in Reims. I currently teach drawing and painting while developing my artistic language which I present in art salons and galleries.
My drawing technique is akin to optical mixing, well known to Impressionists except that instead of brushstrokes or dots side by side I layer hatches. The colors by crossing each other form combinations optically creating the colors. The tools I use are full-coverage ink markers allowing me, by superimposing lines, to obtain the famous colored mesh.
For part of my work I am inspired by classic 19th century paintings because the female body, which is one of my favorite themes, is represented and idealized there a lot. I draw from this pool of representations in order to bring together these motifs from another time, reinterpreted and recomposed on backgrounds reminiscent of the world of street art such as torn subway posters or damaged walls.
I'm interested in this meeting of eras through the mixture of the precious and the ordinary.