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Painting. 100x81 cm

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/// SAX ///

Acrylic painting on canvas.
Size unframed : 100x81 cm
This painting is sold with the frame.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biographie de SAX ///

Henry Blache, alias Sax, is a French Street Artist from south of France based in Paris.

His splashing animal paintings with flashy colors quickly caught peoples’ attention. His artworks brought a fresh environmental warning concerning the endangered species situation all around the world. 

Born in Provence in 1995, he grew up close to nature, and takes his inspiration from the colors and the wealthiness of the landscapes he lived in.

His instinctive and spontaneous pictorial technique is based on several principles of Chinese painting style Xieyi, favoring the expressions of feelings and emotions.

By integrating graffitis to his artworks, he creates various reading levels, those create calligram effects, enhancing the idea that “each of these animal species are often left abandoned, like old buildings”.

Watercolor, ink, acrylic or aerosol painting are among the various materials he uses to enhance the intensity of the emotions of his paintings.

The spontaneity and accuracy of his work is clearly visible during the “Live Painting” he realizes for events in France and overseas.  

As a complete artist, he also composes music and realize short movies. The French media Konbini called him “le maître du twist” (the twist master) for his movie “Allô”. He also won in 2016 the Jury’s Grand Prize at the BeGreen Film Festival (COP21) for his video clip Freestyle.

His works are permanently at Roussard gallery since 2019.