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Painting. 108x66cm

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/// SAX ///

Acrylic paint, ink and spray paint on a real postal bag.
Size 108x66cm.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biographie de SAX ///

Henry Blache, aka Sax, is a French street artist based in Paris and originally from the south of France. His paintings of animals splashed in flashy colors quickly captured the attention of passers-by in the streets of Paris, and carried an ecological message on the situation of endangered species. Born in Provence in 1995, he grew up close to nature and nourished his inspiration in the colors and the richness of the landscapes he traveled during his childhood. His very instinctive and spontaneous pictorial technique is based on certain principles of Chinese painting in the xieyi style, emphasizing the expression of emotions and feelings.
By integrating graffiti into his works, he creates different levels of reading that produce calligram effects, reinforcing the idea that “all these animal species are often abandoned, like old buildings”. From watercolor to ink via acrylic paint or aerosol, he uses many materials to reinforce the intensity and emotion in these works.