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Acrylique on canvas. 130x97cm.

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/// SHAZ ///

Acrylic on canvas
Signed. 130x97cm.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biography of SHAZ ///

Born in Bordeaux in 1989.Pure product of urban culture, SHAZ is a young portrait artist. Admitting no limits in his art, he reveals to the public a unique style with eclectic influences. Drawing is, for him, a means of expression. At the base, he was not destined to be an artist but a soccer player. But he never stopped drawing on paper. Rich of his dual culture, he seeks to create a mixed art which resembles him. His inspiration comes from painting, pen drawing, sculpture and street art. His favorite techniques are fine pen drawing, stencil or mosaic constructions. The best way to transcribe what he expresses is the pen. It allows to work with both strength and finesse. All his artworks are first sketched in black pencil, then he makes the color. Shaz is constantly innovating and enriching his art, always looking for the perfect balance. He represents his friends or the stars of the urban culture he loves, the artists he admires ...