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Maurice Utrillo is a French painter born in Paris in 1883, died in 1955. He is known as well for his painting, his alcoholism, as his mother, Suzanne Valadon who was the model of the greatest painters of Montmartre and also a painter herself. Utrillo has from the beginning been noticed by critics, and his acclaimed painting, with its so-called white period that lasted from 1905 to 1915, consisted of paintings of a very particular style where the painter transcribed the whitish walls of Montmartre by tying its colors with glue and chalk powder. Then he will animate the alleys once deserted small silhouettes seen from back to forms more and more generous. From 1919 his fame will free him from any financial problem. He painted Montmartre so much where he was born where he spent much of his life that he became one of the symbols. It is exhibited worldwide, in the largest museums.