Parvati - In Memoriam

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Drawing on paper. 76x57cm.

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/// PARVATI ///

« In Memoriam » La pie grièche à poitrine rose 
Drawing on paper. Signed. 76x57cm.
Certificate of authenticity.

/// Biography of PARVATI ///

In the padded night, Parvati sticks figures with bird heads on the walls of cities.

On a human scale, these dreamlike beings roam the urban space, settle on the benches, lean against a lamppost. From their flesh and their feathers emerge branches, leaves, flowers in light and dark. As if the sap was flowing in their veins. Although singularly poetic, these hybrid passers-by are somewhat disturbing. Parvati has always been fascinated by the relationship between the beautiful - in the philosophical sense - and the strange.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Previously painted in the workshop with Indian ink and casein then meticulously cut out, these urban collages become a parenthesis in the daily life of city dwellers, an invitation to dream.

Originally parallel between migrants and migratory birds, the anthropomorphic birds of Parvati have become people.

The omnipresence of plants echoes the forest where it was born, the Amazon.

Born in the mid-1980s in French Guiana, Parvati is the daughter of an Indian musician father and a French horticulturalist mother. She grew up in a hippie community growing limes. She arrived in mainland France at the age of 6, her first memories filled with the immensity of the equatorial forest. The drawing is already obvious to her.

As a teenager, she discovered a strong connivance with the Surrealists, was marked by classical Italian painting and met Street Art. From sfumato by Vinci to chiaroscuro by Caravaggio, from the dreamlike nature of Dali to the incredible presence of urban collages by Ernest Pignon Ernest, Parvati is imbued with the techniques and emotion that emerge from the works of the great masters. She began studying sustainable development but quickly returned to painting.

She painted her first fresco in 2014. The multiplied gesture, the relationship to the support, the work offered to the city and its inhabitants: love at first sight for the walls is immediate. Since then, she has not stopped experimenting in the street, between urban collage, brushes and aerosols.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Her studio work is an extension of her Street Art practice: on her canvases, designed as portraits of her anthropomorphic birds, she pushes her technique to its climax. By posing models that she photographs, the digital tool is a prerequisite serving as a reference before painting on easels. Altered, aged backgrounds, worked with acrylic and aerosol, often adorned with stenciled patterns inspired by traditional South Indian art, recreate the ideal wall, the setting that will welcome the presence of its migrants. . Then India ink and oil paint are worked on for hours: with a certain obsession she paints until she fully feels the personality of the bird on the canvas, until she feels its song quivering under the feathers ...

Text © Parvati